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Geographie: Schermbeck is a municipality in the district of Wesel.

Schermbeck is situated near the river Lippe, approximately 20 km east of Wesel, and 8 km north-west of Dorsten. Thanks to its proximity to the Ruhr area and thus to many big cities, Schermbeck is becoming a popular place for people who want to escape the urban life but still be closely connected to it.

Schermbeck is divided into 8 districts:

Alt Schermbeck, Bricht, Damm, Dämmerwald, Gahlen, Overbeck, Schermbeck, Weselerwald


Einwohner: 13 599



Schermbeck. Alte Mühle, 1967
Alte Mühle, 1967
Schermbeck. Evangelische St Georgs Kirche
Evangelische St Georgs Kirche
Schermbeck. Gahlen - Gaststätte Uhlenbruch, 1961
Gahlen - Gaststätte Uhlenbruch, 1961
Schermbeck. Gahlen - Wassermühle
Gahlen - Wassermühle
Schermbeck. Marien Hospital
Marien Hospital
Schermbeck. Mittelstraße
Panorama von Schermbeck, 1909
Panorama von Schermbeck, 1909
Burg (vorne links) und  Schermbeck, Luftbild, 1932
Burg (vorne links) und Schermbeck, Luftbild, 1932

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